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The Service Tote Luggage

Whether you are transporting your pastoral supplies cross country or to the Sanctuary, the Service Tote is your most reliable

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Service Tote

Service Tote Pulpit Luggage

Prayer Shawls

Prayer Shawls from Jerusalem!

Manicured Pulpit Towels

Certified Premium Attendant Supply

Replacement Parts

Air Thermos for the Service Tote

Plain Pulpit Towels

Certified Premium Attendant Supply pulpit towels!

Foot Washing Tub

Antique solid wood foot washing tub

Gift Certificate

How about an Attendant Supply Gift Certificate!


8 oz. pure pewter drinking goblet.

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Once upon a time, in the Bible Belt in 2004, their lived four pulpit workers who loved God, their Pastors’, and
their churches with all of their hearts. Because of their love, and the respect


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